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Interview Questions

We have Interview questions for technologies like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Azure, AWS, .NET and many more.

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Let’s avoid typical manual work through automation. If we avoid doing regular manual tasks, we can focus on other leanings which will help in our career. We have script available to automate tasks.

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SOP’s and KE’s

For any activity, we have step by step SOP available which will make your life easy. Even we have solution available for Known errors.

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Tech Help

We have documents and Excel’s which will help you to manage your tasks easily.

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We have seen most of people struggles while giving the interview and it happens us as well. We thought to help others and try to help them out with our extensive IT knowledge and experience. We thought to start a website which contains Interview Questions, Projects, SOP's, Automation Scripts and videos which will motivate you to do better during your interviews or while your interview preparation.

We have team which contains skills like Oracle, SQL, .NET, Java, Business development and many more. We will help you to build your projects during your college tenure, we will help you to improve your communication skills and give interviews confidently.

  • About 310,000 of those companies are using Oracle Database

  • Google joins .NET foundation to be part of .NET open source group

  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies using Java

  • 83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020


Jiten Pansara

Lead DBA
Total 8+ years of Experience in IT industry. Started carrier from KPIT and worked in Wipro for 3 years as a Lead. Currently working in FIS.

Jaydeep Baraiya

Business Development
I am an IIT Passout and currently working with Cognizant. Will help you to improve your management skills.

Paresh Joshi

Development Manager
Paresh has 12 years of experience in crafting Financial Software Products. He is a specialist in various aspects of software development with extensive experience in Agile development. He is a Developer, Technical Architect, Business Analyst and Technical Product Owner.

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